Tools for success

On this page I want to share which tools I use nearly daily in order to support my productivity and results-driven mindset. I can optimistically say if I knew those tools earlier, I might have accomplished even more today. Feel free to share them or ask me if you want to know more.


Yes, the first tool actually is a calendar. But it is not any calendar, the advantage of this calendar is actually the self-coaching part. Therefor the first pages you focus on your current life situation and afterwards you focus on the goals you want to achieve in the future. Every week and every month you reflect back on your goals and your progress. Another big advantage is that the calendar is undated, which means that you can start anytime of the year with the calendar. The biggest advantage from my perspective is not even the section where you define your tasks, but even the gratitude section and the "free space" and "progress" where I can write down all my ideas I get during the day (e.g. business ideas, quotes, lessons learned). Link to the German Klarheit Kalender and this is a link to an English calendar version (which is slightly different).

Blinkest - book summaries you can listen to

I love the reading books - and getting the knowledge from books. I have the feeling that way more thoughts are put into a book rather than into a youtube video, where somebody considers himself as an expert without much experience. During busy work schedules it's often not possible to read as many books as I want to. Nevertheless with blinkest I have the chance to read - or even listen to book summaries (about 20 minutes). You can find out more about free trial possibilities on their website: Link to blinkest. As I have the habit of writing down #KEYIDEAS from books, you can also find a selection in my blog.

Tools for success WordPress Tobias Reith

WordPress - for building your digital home

I think that having your own digital showroom will be more and more important in the future. It basically is already necessary if you want to be an entrepreneur or self-employed in general, but also if you are a normal employee or student. For the first category it is clear that you have more opportunities to find clients online when you have a digital showroom, but even for students and regular employees it is getting even more important especially when applying for a new job. At first I thought this is only the case for web designers, but in my opinion everybody can share achievements. Building a website actually is not that hard, but for sure it takes time and dedication.
I basically only watched a youtube video of Tyler Moore and a whole weekend for the basic content and set up. This would be one of his newest videos on How To Make a WordPress Website - In 24 Easy Steps. For the website hosting I use strato, but there might be even better ones out there nowadays.