#KEYIDEAS from ‚The Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8AM‘ by Hal Elrod

The key lessons learned from the book „The Miracle Morning“ by Hal Elrod. It is mainly about the best habits you can adopt before 8 am in order to reach a fulfilling life. Most successful people are early risers:

  • Don’t live a mediocre live, pursue your dreams.
    • The author actually died for 6 minutes during a car accident
  • Rearview Mirror Syndrome (RMS) is often the limitation: you turn down opportunities due to lack of experience in the past. Limited mindset that you can not be another person in the future.
  • Starting the day well – don’t hit the snooze button.
    • Unconsciously influences the well being during the day
    • Have a positive mindest about your morning, you will be way more refreshed
  • Change your morning routine in order to increase your morning motivation level (from ‚roll back to bed‘ to ‚eager to rise‘)
    • Think positive about your morning in the evening
    • Put the alarm clock in a certain distance to your bed & directly head into the bathroom
    • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning (rehydration)
  • Continue with the miracle morning routine (SAVERS)
    1. SILENCE: purposeful silence like meditation (focus on positive things, your breath)
    2. AFFIRMATION: use positive affirmations in order to reprogram your mind (what do you want to achieve today, what do you want in life, why do you want it?)
    3. VISUALIZATION: visualize your ideal life & goals (target state), also athletes use this technique
    4. EXERCISE: to keep your body healthy (like fitness, running or yoga), less risks for diseases and good feeling (endorphines). Even some millionaires rank this as their number 1 success habit.
    5. READ: like personal development, books in the direction you want to develop more knowledge
      (i can recommend Blinkest, as you can also listen to 20 min summaries of the books, even while driving to work)
    6. Scribing: e.g. start a journal on what you have achieved so far, your next steps and where you want to be
  • Customize your personal Miracle Morning Routine (e.g. different time allocation to every habit)
  • Start a 30 day challenge in order to implement the routine as a habit. Ideally motivate a friend to push each other.

Sum up: A morning ritual is key for a successful and fulfilling life mainly due to the alignment of your actions and mindest to your future goals.
My thoughts: Having a positive morning routine can influence your whole day. Often you want to do certain things (like exercise), but are too exhausted in the evening. If you can accomplish tiny things in the morning, you start the day way more positive.

My morning routine:

  • Drink a cup of water
  • Exercise (squats, sit ups, push ups)
  • Bathroom (shower etc.)
  • Have breakfast (usually a healthy shake with oats, berries, fruits)
  • Journaling (I use Klarheit) & Meditation
  • Listen to books or music on the way to work (I often use Blinkest)
  • Coffee at work

For more details I can recommend to read the whole book:
Link to the Book on Amazon

Another great book on morning routines in my opinion is ‚The 5 AM Club‘ by Robin Sharma*:

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