#KEYIDEAS from „The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential“ by John C. Maxwell

The key lessons learned from the book „The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential“ by John C. Maxwell:

  1. Law of Intentionality: Take risks and confront your comfort zone. Conquer your fears, taking risks in uncomfortable. Intentionally focus on growth. Motivation comes with action.
  2. Law of Awareness: Where do you want to go? What is your achievable goal? And why do you want to achieve it?
    Ask yourself: Are you currently happy and fulfilled? If not: Find out your passion and strengths.
    Find a mentor who is already doing what you want to do and learn.
  3. Law of the Mirror: Stop negative self-talk. Don’t compare yourself to others, everybody has individual strengths and goals. Start to add value to other people.
  4. Law of Reflection: Reflection turns experience into insight. Reflect regularly on your goals, habits, interactions, work and relationships. Take action and change on the results.
  5. Law of Consistency: Motivation gets you started, but you need discipline to keep going. Finding your WHY is the key in order to keep going. In the end I link a great video on how to find your why.
  6. Law of Environment: Take care with whom you spend your time with. Try to find people who are ahead in your growth journey (more successful, positive and constantly growing). Start to challenge yourself – every week.
  7. Law of Design: Reflect on your past year and design your future life in a way that it will support your growth (and therefor your goals and vision). Set small goals every day, define milestones to your goal and measure your growth regularly.
  8. Law of Pain: The key is turning your pain into gain. Change the mindset in „What can the pain teach me?“. Failure is key to growth, it naturally happens when constantly stepping out of your comfort zone.
  9. Law of the Ladder: Growing your character determines the success level you can reach. Having a good personal reputation (like honesty or integrity) is the basis for trust. Before you can do, you must BE.
  10. Law of the Rubberband: Like a rubber band stretch beyond your comfort zone. That’s where real growth begins. Don’t settle for mediocrity.
  11. Law of Tradeoffs: If you say yes to sth., you automatically say no to sth. else. Most of the time we trade our time, but it can also be security we should trade in order for personal growth. Try to find good trades – e.g. measure progress with significance and impact and not only money.
  12. Law of Curiosity: Always keep a beginner’s mindset. Try to learn everyday – especially from other curios people.
  13. Law of Modeling: Try to find a mentor who is far ahead of you. Learn from this mentor or from books – and take actions as soon as possible.
  14. Law of Expansion: Replace „Can I“ with „How can I“. Figure out what works.
  15. Law of Contribution: Be a mentor for others. Share your knowledge with others. Keep growing to keep giving.

Sum up: Expanding your comfort zone is always discomforting. Nevertheless without growth we will never be able to reach our goals and stay in the status quo. The key is learning and taking actions, the pinnacle is contribution and therefor giving back to others.

My thoughts: I think the hardest part is actually intentionally focusing on growth and stepping out of the comfort zone. When you took the first step, the others steps are getting easier.

For more details I can recommend to read the whole book:

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Find your WHY – great TED talk by Simon Sinek:

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